My Fall/Winter Fashion Must Haves

Everyone has them, the pieces in their wardrobe that they just cannot live without. From clothes to accessories to shoes, these are my ultimate Fall/Winter fashion must haves (in no particular order!)

  1. Black Leggings – Black leggings are definitely one of my go to pieces in the fall and winter, they’re easy and comfortable for days I don’t feel like pulling on a pair of jeans. My favorite pair of leggings comes from Gap’s athleisure brand Athleta. You can find them here. I love them because they don’t pill like Lulu Lemon’s leggings do, and they come in petite!
  2. Flannel Shirts – The color schemes are endless, they’re warm, and they’re versatile! Whether you’re going for grunge or preppy, you can add a flannel. Wrap one around your waist for the Kylie Jenner effect, or add it under a sweater for extra warmth and a pop of color! AE Canyon Boyfriend Flannel, Forever21 Plaid Flannel Shirt
  3. Black Jeans – Black denim is a classic, a pair of black skinny jeans can be dressed up or down. My favorite pair of black jeans (ever) is from Bullhead Black.
  4. Sweaters – Okay, I think this goes without saying in the fall/winter but I had to include sweaters. I love the feeling of a big, comfy, oversized sweater in the winter. With so many color and style options, the styling possibilities of sweaters are endless. A cable knit like this one is classic, and turtle necks are making a huge come back this year!
  5. Pea Coat – How do I put this… I will never not have a J.Crew Pea Coat hanging in my coat closet. Thats just me though, there are tons of other great options out there but theirs has my heart! A wool pea coat keeps you warm in the winter but also looking classic and chic.
  6. Little Black (Body-Con) Dress – A black body-con dress is the perfect basic to build your outfits from. Layer a sweater or flannel over it or wear it alone with patterned tights and a blazer! Dressed up or down, you can’t go wrong with an LBD.
  7. Leather Jacket – Another classic that you can never go wrong with, a leather jacket is warm and gives an edgy feel to your outfits. There are tons of colors and styles to choose from and real leather jackets last a life time (my dad has had his since the nineties)! Last year I purchased this one from Nordstrom on sale.
  8. Blanket Scarves – The perfect accessory that keeps you warm and looking cute. Big scarves are great because they’re so versatile! I love the Aerie Blanket Scarves and ASOS has great ones too.
  9. Mittens – Although most people prefer gloves, I love the extra warmth of mittens and they look so cute! I love this pair from Aerie because they have faux fur on the tops.
  10. Boots – A good pair (or two… or three…) of boots is all you need to get you through these upcoming chilly months! I love these riding boots, these thigh high boots, and these booties!

What are your Fall/Winter must haves?!




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