Christmas Day 2015

Merry Christmas everyone! Today has been wonderful so far and I hope your day has been as well. I am so grateful for the friends and family I have and everything they do for me.

This Christmas has been so good, but theres one thing missing: cold weather. It’s oddly been in the 60’s this whole week, making it feel more like Easter than Christmas! Our priest at mass today welcomed us to Christmas in Florida… that’s how warm it is! We even plan to grill outside later for dinner. The warm weather doesn’t kill my holiday spirit too much though, thankfully.

Dressing for the holiday but also for the weather was somewhat odd, because usually winter style means bundling up with warm accessories and layers! I still wanted to give my Christmas Day outfit a holiday feel, so instead of taller boots I opted for heeled booties and instead of a chic jacket I just wore an oversized comfy sweater. It worked out perfectly! Dressed up with pearls and a clutch in holiday colors, I still looked Christmas-y but I also wasn’t too warm. IMG_4451

I wore this shirt and sleep shorts while opening presents and added the socks for the picture! I found this shirt two days ago while last-minute gift shopping at TJMaxx and had to get it… so true. My socks are old from Target!


My full outfit! Even though the only place we went today was church, I still love to dress up on Christmas!

The clutch is vintage from my mothers closet (and her mothers closet) and it worked with the outfit perfectly! My heeled booties are Franco Sarto, my sweater is American Eagle (bonus: its on sale), and my jeans are Bullhead Black from Pacsun.

Again, Merry Christmas to all! I hope the rest of your holiday is wonderful 🙂





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