Adios AEO

Processed with VSCOcam with c4 preset
All of this for under $100!
Processed with VSCOcam with c4 preset
Definitely gonna miss Aerie bralettes the most 😦 

Its not every day you casually stroll into work only to find out its closing; when that happened to me two weeks ago it was such a bummer! I’ve been working for American Eagle since May 2015, which isn’t very long but I’ve loved every second of it. Ultimately we’re closing because the company doesn’t see our store being profitable in the  future so I guess they’re doing the right thing. This especially stunk because the company decided to close our store right in the middle of my break and I was looking forward to earning some money before going back to school!

I realized what I’m REALLY going to miss about working for AEO is the awesome discount I got as a sales associate. Their clothes are great but can be super expensive, so getting them for 60-40% off was a blessing! Before I said my final good byes I made sure to stock up on a few items that I had been eyeing, as I realized I’ll probably never want to pay full price for AE/Aerie clothes ever again… #sorrynotsorry

I decided instead of transferring to another AE store (there aren’t any near me that would be convenient anyways), I would move on to something different and a bit closer to school so I can work during the semester. I’m happy to say that I’ve applied to LF and Free People, I’ll obviously keep you guys updated when something happens!







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