Gearing Up for London Fashion Week 2016

London Fashion Week is finally upon us. This spans from Friday, 16th September until Tuesday, 20th September. Here, brands are preparing to present their Spring/Summer 2017 collections in the city where limits are pushed and trends are born: last year, LFW saw the birth of the Victorian and print blocking trends.

As a fashion student, there is nothing more important than immersing yourself in the industry, and London Fashion Week is the best place to do so. If you’re lucky enough to have tickets or get into a show it is an experience that you will never forget. However, it can feel like an outside world when you don’t have that ticket or connection. Don’t feel discouraged though. There is more to fashion week than seeing shows if you make the most of it, here are three other reasons to attend London Fashion Week:

  1. Networking – Industry professionals from all over the world travel to see the shows at London Fashion Week. Have no fear and strike up conversations with buyers and merchandisers. Make sure you have business cards to give out and that you collect one from every person you meet. You never know who you may connect with!
  2. Inspiration – LFW is where you’ll find the most outrageous street style, newest trends, and the best inspiration available. Stare at the people coming in and out of shows and frolicking among traffic. Don’t forget to take pictures of the outfits that you love.  
  3. Education – Expand your knowledge of the fashion industry. This season the Burberry Maker’s House was free to the public and Vivienne Westwood gave a free talk on ocean conservation.

Fashion week is the most magical time. People claim full freedom of how they dress and cross every limit they can. You can build incredible ideas based on what you take in from the week, so what’s stopping you? Head over to Brewer Street Car Park and soak it all in.


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