Once Upon A Gucci: Spring Summer 2017

Models emerged from a crimson mist among shimmering golden droplets. This was the scene set for Gucci’s opulent Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Alessandro Michele created his own wonderland, perfectly summarized as “phantasmagoria.”

Decadent fabrics were accompanied by shimmering embellishments and quirky embroidery. Androgynous silhouettes were juxtaposed with feminine movements. The show was present yet ethereal and oh so Gucci.

Watching the show felt like watching a dark fairytale. The sound of the striking clock created a sense of urgency. As if it would all disappear at midnight, turning the runway back into an alleyway.

Although Michele’s inspiration cannot be pinpointed, West Asian and retro influences shine the strongest. “Like a musician, I need more and more notes. Otherwise the music stops,” says Michele. Models grazed the runway as Florence Welch recited William Blake’s poetry.

This collection included something for everyone: the romantic, the weird. Through Michele’s collection Gucci’s sexiness was re-evaluated and reassured. The era of the brands covetable fashions isn’t ending anytime soon.738dc07a60d87ff3ed601731912f3975-57e2aef8a3ded.jpeg


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