An Interview With Paul McGregor

If you’re a man who’s into his style, perhaps you’ve stumbled upon Paul McGregor’s Men’s Fashion Magazine, an online blog that details mens fashion and lifestyle. On the site you can find a variety of articles on men’s grooming, outfit inspiration, and self improvement. Serving as a place for men to find fashionable inspiration while learning to gain confidence, Men’s Fashion Magazine was founded by McGregor in 2011.


For Paul, it all started at the age of nineteen when he started selling mens clothing on Ebay and eventually launched Brighterman, an online retailer. Shaken by the death of his father, Paul turned to dressing well to make himself feel better and improve his overall confidence. While selling clothing on Brighterman, Paul started to write for blogs to promote the website. Eventually, he decided to start his own blog to both promote his website and delve further into being a consultant for men’s fashion.


An average day for Paul starts at quarter to five in the morning, where he spends his first hour awake either reading or journaling. Throughout the day he goes on to exercise, eat, and take care of his everyday responsibilities before beginning work on MFM. He normally writes his stories in the late afternoon, stating “I’m free in terms of what I can do, because I work from home.” Although he is running his website from his home office, he still sticks to a general schedule of when to post what content. At one point, Paul and his team of writers were publishing 5-6 posts per week focusing mainly on men’s style and grooming.

At the time that content was being published multiple times a week, Paul recalls a moment where he lost sight of why he started the blog in the first place. “I started going down another path and lost my love for it,” states Paul. The path he was going down focused solely on fashion, styling, and grooming with only a small fraction of content being about self improvement and confidence. “It has to be your personal story and voice too,” he says while explaining the true reason behind his blog. Paul has since then taken a step back from posting so often and now instead focuses on the content of the post rather than the quantity. The MFM team currently balances the two types of posts and Paul has regained his love of blogging. He and his team currently plan posts a calendar month in advance and put out around two articles per week.


When asked if he would ever get involved with womenswear, Paul said that he has considered but decided never to pursue it. He explained that he would have to outsource to collect that specific content since he personally doesn’t have much knowledge or interest on the subject. Paul is happy focusing on menswear and is proud of what the blog has accomplished. Paul’s highest moments continue to be knowing he is inspiring others and knowing he is creating something that people read.

Check out Men’s Fashion Magazine on Instagram: @mfminstagram



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